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NOTE: as of 7 September 2020, this is no longer our website. We are currently to be found on Please visit that website for up-to-date information. Thank you!

Why not consider becoming an IASPM member? Here are some of your advantages:

  • you are part of the local network of IASPM Benelux, one of the oldest branches worldwide (founded in 1983);
  • you receive news on our activities first-hand, such as our annual thesis prize or our conferences;
  • you can participate to our events, such as the annual student conference (e.g. 2019 in Utrecht) and the Benelux conferences (e.g. 2011 in Haarlem, 2014 in Rotterdam, 2020 in Antwerp);
  • you are part of the International IASPM network (founded in 1981);
  • you can participate to the events organized by the other 14 IASPM branches worldwide, including the biannual international conference (e.g. 2017 in Kassel, 2019 in Canberra, 2021 in Daegu);
  • you can subscribe with a discount to the journal Popular Music (Cambridge University Press);
  • you are part of the IASPM International mailing list, an incredibly rich and interactive source of information. Ask anything about any aspect of popular music to (literally) hundreds of music scholars around the world!

All this is available to you for these low rates:
IASPM Membership fees
– Individual members: € 35,- per year
– Students & unemployed: € 10,- per year
– members of another IASPM branch: € 10,- per year

Don’t hesitate!
Word nu lid! — Become a member now!

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