New wine AND new bottles: Announcing our new website!

Dear friends,

it is our absolute pleasure to introduce you to our branch’s brand new website, the culmination of many months of fruitful collaboration by the branch’s board. The beautiful design is by our board member Melanie Schiller. Here it is!:

Featuring pages dedicated to news (including CfPs and job alerts), our 2021 conference, and a “current research” blog. If you want to present your popular music research to a broad audience – feel free to get in touch via our new website or on Twitter! We’d love to hear about your prospective, on-going, or finished studies/books/essays! BA, MA, PhD welcome. We’re interested in research relating to Benelux popular music or carried out by researchers based in the Benelux.

And more exciting news: while our Twitter account began as a conference account (dedicated to our branch’s 2020 conference, now postponed to 2021), we have decided to transform it into our official branch account. So a new website AND new branch account!

This also means that we have to say goodbye to this site. For archival reasons, it will remain online for a short period, but we will render it inactive in due time. Similarly, this means this will be the last time you receive a post like this from us. However, we will still reach out to you once in a while; upon becoming a member, you can opt in to receive our brand new newsletter via this form. (P.S.: existing members should have received a newsletter sometime on 7 September 2020; upon renewing your membership, you will have to indicate if you want to keep on receiving the newsletter.)

Pay our website and Twitter account a visit when you can and do stay in touch!

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