New publication out: Benelux branch report (IASPM Journal 9/2, 2019)

In issue 2 of volume 9 of the IASPM Journal (2019), our board member Melanie wrote a status quo (vadis) report on our branch. Using information gathered from past and current board members, she covers not only much of our history, but also the “current state of popular music studies and research in the Netherlands and Flanders as well as (outlining) some of its future challenges” (Schiller 2019). Naturally, not all relevant people, publications, and activities could be listed (due to limited word count), but in 2020 we are planning to open up a section of our website to branch members to report on their own work, allowing you to highlight your recent achievements. Stay tuned for more information.

Melanie’s entire essay can be read and downloaded free of charge via this link. The reference is Schiller, M. 2019. Popular Music Studies in the Low Countries: Status Quo Vadis IASPM Benelux. IASPM Journal 9 (2): 75–82.

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