Winners IASPM Benelux VNPF Popular Music Thesis Prize.

We are pleased to announce this year’s BA and MA winners for the IASPM Benelux VNPF Popular Music Thesis Prize.

The jury has deliberated on the BA thesis prize and this year’s (correct:) winner is David Cramer (Arts, Culture and Media, University of Groningen) with his thesis “‘And If Our God Is for Us…’: The Political and Ideological Impact of Contemporary Christian Music”.

This year’s MA prize did not produce a single winner. Therefore the jury has awarded the title of “honorable mention” to these recipients:

  • Laura Schediwy (Erasmus University) for her MA thesis:
    “Music Students’ Bohemian and Entrepreneurial Career Identities”
  • Kasper de Vries (Erasmus University) for his MA thesis:
    “Poëzie in de jukebox: Een kwalitatief onderzoek in het veld van culturele productie naar de symbolische grenzen tussen muziek en literatuur naar aanleiding van de Nobelprijs voor Bob Dylan”
  • and Sydney Schelvis (University of Amsterdam) for his MA thesis:
    “The Voice, Body, Bass, Beats, and Sensation: A post-semantic inquiry into electronic dance music’s materiality”

This year’s jury consisted of Job de Wit (Popular Music Journalist), Lutgard Mutsaers (Phd, Music Researcher), Simonne Driessen (PhD, Erasmus University) and Rob Ahlers (PhD student, University of Groningen).

The award ceremony for the BA and MA thesis prize will take place on May 25th at Erasmus University during the Student Conference on Popular Music organized by music students in collaboration with IASPM Benelux and Erasmus University.

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