IASPM KVNM Student Music Conference in Music and Culture – 2 June 2017 – UVA

We are excited to invite you and your students to the second annual Student Conference on Music and Culture, this year hosted by the associations of IASPM Benelux and KVNM and the University of Amsterdam, the University of Groningen, and Erasmus University.

The conference will take place on June 2nd in the University Theatre at the University of Amsterdam. We feature some 15 student papers, the winners of the BA and MA popular music thesis prize, the KVNM IASPM Thesis Prize Ceremony and a keynote lecture by Dr. Ifa Ramialison followed by drinks and dinner.



Main Details

What: Student Conference at UvA on Music and Culture

Where: Nieuwe Doelenstraat 16, 1012 CP, Amsterdam

When: 9:30-18:30

Cost: 10 Euros for students (membership into IASPM Benelux or KVNM), Membership fee for IASPM or KVNM for adults

Please spread the word and encourage your students to attend. We hope to see you in Amsterdam on June 2nd!

Keynote Lecture by Ifa Ramialison

“Music is my radar”: music genres and cultural identity in a British context

This talk discusses representations of British cultural identity by focussing on Damon Albarn’s music. Albarn became a household name with virtual band Gorillaz and Blur, an English band that was associated with the Britpop movement in the 1990s. I focus on some of Albarn’s lesser known work in the context of a renewed interest in Britishness marked by Brexit or the call for an independent Scotland. It is contended that Albarn’s understanding of British cultural identity is predicated on specific music genres and their own sets of discourse. The objective is to demo nstrate how music works as a medium that allows the articulation of contrasted, and at times, contradictory representations of British cultural identity.

Ifaliantsoa Ramialison is Lecturer in Media, Communication and Humanities within the International Communication and Media programme at HU University of Applied Sciences, Utrecht. She holds a MA in Popular Music studies (University of Liverpool) and received her PhD in Cultural Studies in 2016 (Université Paris-Est).

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