IASPM Benelux Announces its new ADVISORY BOARD

IASPM Benelux is proud to announce the initiation of a new Advisory Board comprised of esteemed researchers from the popular music field within the Benelux region. These researchers represent research specializations in a diverse number of fields  and topics ranging from fan studies, popular music analysis, media theory, music scenes, to sound studies, music copyright law, American pop culture and the music industry. We hope to gain advice from these colleagues as well as expand our network to highlight the interesting work on popular music within the Netherlands.

New members are listed alphabetically:

Dr. Karin Bijsterveld (Professor of Science, Technology & Modern Culture, Maastricht University)
Dr. Tom ter Bogt (Professor of Popular Music and Youth Culture, Utrecht University)
Dr. Koen van Eijck (Professor of Arts and Culture Studies, Erasmus University)
Dr. Susanne Jansen (Professor of Sociology of Media and Culture, Erasmus University)
Dr. Gert Keunen (Professor of Music Industry Studies, Fontys Rock Academy)
Dr. Jeroen de Kloet (Professor of Media and Globalization Studies, University of Amsterdam)
Dr. Jaap Kooijman (Professor of Media and American Pop Culture, University of Amsterdam)

Dr. Lutgard Mutsaers (Professor of Popular Music, University of Groningen)

Dr. Keith Roe (Professor of Mass Communication, K.U. Leuven)
Dr. Katia Segers (Former Professor of Communications, Vrije Universiteit Brussels)