IASPM Thesis Prize Announcement!

The IASPM Benelux (The International Association for the Study of Popular Music Benelux) and the KVNM (The Royal Society for Music History of the Netherlands) would like to congratulate:

Bram Nigten (MA University of Groningen, Department of Arts, Culture and Media) for winning the  IASPM Benelux/KVNM Popular Music 2014 MA Thesis Prize for his excellent thesis entitled:

Sonic Reflections: Sonic Space in U.S. Popular Music during the Mono Era (1877-1957) and its Occurrence in Three Recordings of Studio Pioneer Bill Putnam.

The IASPM Benelux (The International Association for the Study of Popular Music Benelux) would also like to congratulate

Fleur Verduin (BA InHolland) for winning the IASPM Benelux Popular Music 2014 BA Thesis Prize for her excellent thesis entitled:

Social Ticketing: Ticketing Organisations on Social Network Sites

The jury found the selection process very competitive and commended each contestant on his/her rigorous and relevant scholarship.

This jury consisted of:

  • Niels van Poecke (PhD candidate at Erasmus University)
  • Albert Meijer (Past winner of the IASPM MA Popular Music Thesis Prize 2013)
  • Lutgard Mutsaers (Researcher and Professor of Music, University of Groningen)
  • Job de Wit (Music Journalist, 3voor12) and
  • Janke Brands (Music Professional, Eurosonic)

Each jury member provided scores based upon these criteria:

Beoordelingsformulier 1.     Relevantie en/of innovatie van de scriptie (nieuw onderzoek of bijdrage aan bestaand onderzoek, relevantie voor thema van de prijs) 2.     Onderzoekskwaliteit van de scriptie (kennis van het veld, engagement met het veld, theoretisch gebruik en kader, empirische of wetenschappelijk onderzoek) 3.     Scriptie opzet en argumentatie (scriptiestelling, methoden en argumentatie) 4.     Schrijfstijl van de scriptie (citaten, tekstopbouw, bibliografie, vocabulaire, citaties…)


Jurists affiliated with the institution of a candidate were not allowed to rank that particular candidate to avoid preferential ranking for particular institutions.

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