Popular Music Studies in Italy: a petition

Beste leden van IASPM Benelux,

Onderstaand bericht is door Philip Tagg (een van de oprichters van IASPM), verspreid via de internationale mailinglijst. Het is een oproep aan eenieder om een petitie te ondertekenen tegen de marginalisatie van populaire muziekstudies in Italië. Het bestuur van de IASPM Benelux ondersteunt deze petitie en wil alle leden oproepen om hier kennis van te nemen en als je het eens bent met deze standpunten om de petitie te ondertekenen. Een link naar de petitie en een uitleg over het waarom van de petitie is te vinden in het bericht hieronder.

Met vriendelijke groet namens het IASPM Benelux bestuur,

Koos Zwaan
Secretaris IASPM Benelux


Popular Music Studies in Italy: a petition
The marginalisation of Popular Music Studies is no fun, nor is the way it’s still ridiculed in some circles. I’m used to that. But when our whole area of studies is under attack, things have gone too far.
There has for some time been what I can best describe as a campaign to rid Italian universities of popular music studies. I think IASPM members have an interest in putting an end to such destruction. You can read the English or Italian version of a petition to save our subject in Italy by visitingwww.tagg.org/html/Petition1405.html<http://www.tagg.org/html/Petition1405.html>. The petition has already been signed by about 100 individuals from all around the world. The signatories don’t just come from a popular music studies background but from a wide range of disciplines and professions in which popular music is an important element. The petition was sent today to the Italian Ministry of Education and Research, as well as to the Italian media.

At www.tagg.org/html/Petition1405.html<http://www.tagg.org/html/Petition1405.html> you’ll also find more reflections on the necessity of the petition, as well as a link to an online form where you can add your own name to the list. This is a really serious issue affecting popular music in several countries, so please visitwww.tagg.org/html/Petition1405.html<http://www.tagg.org/html/Petition1405.html>, read the petition and, if you agree with it, sign it electronically.
One of the nastiest manifestations of the attack is the appalling way in which one of IASPM’s most respected scholars, Franco Fabbri, has been treated. I’ve written more about that atwww.tagg.org/html/Petition1405.html<http://www.tagg.org/html/Petition1405.html>. The efforts of conservative forces in Italian universities to humiliate and marginalise Franco are reason enough on their own to sign the petition because it’s also an attack on each of us who works in popular music studies,
Many thanks for giving this critical matter your time and attention,

Philip Tagg
“If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything”
(Gil Scott Heron’s grandma)

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