Popular Music Position at the University of Groningen

The Department of Arts, Culture and Media Faculty of Arts, University of Groningen, The Netherlands


Two Assistant Professors (full-time)

  • History and theory of popular music (50%)
  • Theatre and/or performance studies (50%)
  • Artistic entrepreneurship and arts marketing (50%)
  • Arts philosophy, comparative arts and/or media studies (50%)

University of Groningen

The University of Groningen was founded in 1614 and is proud to be amongst the global university elite with a classification in the top 100 of the Shanghai ARWU, the Times Higher Education (THE) and the QS World University ranking lists. The University of Groningen lies in the North of the Netherlands. Ours is a socially active university with researchers and lecturers who are inspired academics. The University offers a wide variety of disciplines and is internationally oriented. The University of Groningen provides a career advisory service for partners of new staff who move to Groningen. We are an equal opportunities employer and because women are still underrepresented in a number of fields, they are particularly encouraged to apply for academic positions.

Faculty of Arts

The Faculty of Arts is a large dynamic faculty in the heart of the city of Groningen. Over 5000 students and 700 members of staff are working at the frontiers of knowledge every day.

With 15 Bachelor’s degree programmes and more than 35 Master’s degree programmes, the faculty focuses on the study of the languages, cultures and history of Europe, the Mediterranean area and the North American continent. Special attention is paid to the language, culture and history of the Netherlands and particularly the Northern Netherlands region. The faculty organises a large number of interdisciplinary programmes. Research at the Faculty of Arts is highly regarded in the various academic fields. The faculty has one local research school, the Groningen Research School for the Study of Humanities. In addition, there are three research institutes within the Faculty of Arts.

Department of Arts, Culture and Media

The department offers a curriculum in three arts disciplines: Theatre Studies, Film Studies, and Music Studies. During their Bachelor’s program, the students specialize in one arts discipline, in combination with a minor in another of these three disciplines or, alternatively, in Literature or Fine Arts. Students also opt for one out of two professional frameworks (‘Arts Management and Marketing’ or ‘Arts Analysis and Criticism’). In the Masters phase, they enhance their arts specialization and framework with four additional courses, an arts internship and Master’s thesis.

The Arts, Culture and Media Department supports research through ICOG (The Groningen Research Institute for the Study of Culture) and also encourages collaboration within the Arts in Society research consortium. Professors are allocated a small annual stipend to attend scholarly conferences. Small short-term grants for devising substantial research projects can also be applied for.

The Positions

History and theory of popular music

Desirable areas of research and expertise include electronic dance music, rock, popular music of the world, or European popular music more generally, but other areas of concentration can be considered as well. The candidate’s work should exhibit an interest in, and familiarity with contemporary theoretical approaches including post-colonial theory, queer theory, music cognition, music and affect, new musicology. It should also exhibit an understanding of new analytical models, which recognize and theorize the values and modes of identification attached to musical genres, practices and interpretive regimes. Research undertaking an engaged commitment to understanding the relations between popular music institutions and communities is welcome, especially in relation to enactments of performed identity including race, ethnicity, nation, gender and sexuality or within musical communities and collective music groups.

Theatre and/or Performance Studies

The department’s theatre studies focus on the social and the cognitive functioning of theatre in society. Our approach is both historical and contemporary, with a focus on the latter. Given the current composition of the team, preference will be given to a candidate with a broad interest in interdisciplinary approaches and methods including new media (and media theory) and/or performance theory in relation to music and theater or musical theatre. The candidate should also have a thorough knowledge of cognitive approaches to theatre and performance and/or theatre education.

Artistic entrepreneurship and arts marketing

We seek a candidate who fosters a broad critical and reflexive insight in the social impact of cultural entrepreneurship, arts marketing and management and/or is interested in exploring how audience experiences are impacted by marketing and management practices. The candidate’s expertise includes the mediating role arts marketing and management play in the functioning of the arts in contemporary society, with a special emphasis on the organization of sustainable artistic structures. The candidate is able to develop an internationally distinguishing profile for the domain of artistic entrepreneurship, including marketing and management. We favor candidates with a focus on new experimental entrepreneurship and marketing who are able to also cover courses in arts management.

Arts philosophy, comparative arts and/or media studies

The candidate’s teaching and research expertise include a selection of the following areas: arts philosophy, theory and analysis of multi-media and new media arts, inter-arts and inter-media relations, from a contemporary and a historical perspective. In arts philosophy, we welcome an interest in artistic cognition (perception and experience), and in theories regarding the ethical, political, social (cohesion- or dissent-fostering) functions of the arts. An interest in the role fulfilled in society – and culture at large – by arts practices, arts mediation and education, would also be welcome, as it strengthens the department’s commitment to critical reflection on the relevance of the Humanities and social sciences.


The faculty seeks candidates with relevant teaching experience (the candidate has gained the University Teaching Qualification or is prepared to do so within a year, and/or is can submit teaching evaluations) and a significant international research track record, demonstrated in peer-reviewed or otherwise outstanding publications, grant capture, and conference organization. The candidate’s teaching (60%) and research (40%) should contribute to the department’s multi-disciplinary curriculum. We welcome a colleague who initiates teaching projects across disciplines and beyond the department and faculty, as well as international research and teaching cooperation. Candidates are expected to teach in English, but should learn Dutch within three years in order to be able to contribute to the professional life of the department and to mentor students.

The University of Groningen offers

A salary dependent on qualifications and relevant work experience, with a minimum of € 3,259 (scale 11) gross per month to a maximum of € 5,070 gross per month (salary scale 12 Dutch Universities) for a full-time position, plus an 8% holiday allowance, 8.3% end-of-year bonus and participation in an employee pension scheme. The position is classified as ‘Lecturer 1 or 2’, according to the UFO (University Job Rankings) job profiles. The appointment is at first for one year, with a formal evaluation before the end of the first year. If successfully completed, it leads to a permanent contract. The conditions of employment comply with the Collective Labour Agreement for the University of Groningen (Collective Labour Agreement Dutch Universities 2011-2013, available in English at http://www.vsnu.nl).

Date of entry into employment: August 1, 2014


For more information about these positions, please contact, for Popular Music: dr. K.A. McGee, e-mail: k.a.mcgee@rug.nl; for Arts Marketing and Management: dr. Q.L. van den Hoogen, e-mail: Q.L.van.den.Hoogen@rug.nl; for Theatre Studies: drs. L.D.M.E. van Heteren, e-mail: Lucia.van.Heteren@rug.nl; for Arts Philosophy and Media Studies: prof. dr. E.J. Korthals Altes, e-mail: E.J.Korthals.Altes@rug.nl. If you have any questions about the procedure, please contact the HR advisor, A.C.H. Bulthuis, e-mail: A.C.H.Bulthuis@rug.nl.

How to apply    

Deadline: May 11, 2014

In pdf format, please submit your application letter including your motivation, a  curriculum vitae including list of publications and any available teaching evaluations, no later than May 11, 2014 to Kristin McGee at k.a.mcgee@rug.nl.

Job interviews will be held during the week of May 26-30, 2014

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