Aankondiging en CFP research workshop Media & Cultural Industries

ERMeCC Research Workshop with David Hesmondhalgh

Trends and Strategies in the Media and Cultural Industries

Friday 4th November 2011, 12:00-18:00 hrs
Room: TBA
Woudestein Campus, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Against the background of wider technological, economic, socio-cultural and political developments, the logics of the media and cultural industries have been changing significantly. New digital technologies and distribution platforms (e.g. gaming, the internet, mobile platforms etc.) have resulted in a radically changing environment. For companies, workers and policymakers operating within media industries, these changes have severely impacted their operations: previously separated media markets have converged, new media products and business models have developed, and users are no longer passive consumers but are actively peer producing content (user generated content). Questions that are central to this meeting are: How do media organizations and industries respond to altering international, national and local (business) conditions brought about by these developments? To what extent and in what ways are structures and processes of media production currently being transformed by increasing digitalisation, converging media and shifting ownership structures? How does this affect the nature of journalistic and creative work?

PhD candidates, research master students, as well as advanced researchers in media, communication and culture are invited to attend the meeting and contribute to the discussion.The workshop will be a high density session, featuring Prof. Dr. David Hesmondhalgh (Institute of Communication Studies, University of Leeds) as keynote speaker. There will be ample opportunity for researchers to pitch their research and to discuss, to comment, to network and to be inspired. We think this workshop is particularly relevant for people researching: media production and distribution, creative industries, online creativity (including UGC), media policies, media business, media access and consumption, and related topics.
If you are interested in attending the meeting or would like to pitch your current research in a short (5-10 minutes) presentation, please send an e-mail before 20 October 2011 to:ermecc@eshcc.eur.nl, including the following details:

  • your name
  • job title [PhD student, research master student, postdoc, assistant professor etcetera]
  • affiliation (university and department/graduate programme)
  • contact details
  • title of your current research project
  • 100-150 word abstract of your proposed presentation [only if you want to pitch your research]

Please note that there will be a limit to the number of presentations that can be scheduled; you will receive word shortly after October 20 whether or not you have been selected to give a presentation. For more information please contact Dr. Erik Hitters: hitters@eshcc.eur.nl

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