Jongeren en (film)muziek, beter dan sex?

MTV Sticky publiceerde terug een aantal berichten, waaronder enkele gegevens rond jongeren en muziek:

  • uit een onderzoek bij 600 (Amerikaanse) jongeren blijkt 76% muziek boven sex te prefereren (given the choice of music or sex, young people pick music. Believe it or not, an overwhelming 76% would rather live without sex than without music for a week. (bron)

Maar er is meer, nu specifiek over filmmuziek:

  • 74% agree that a good soundtrack for a movie is VERY important (24% “quite important”)
  • 84% agree that TV shows and Movies are important for introducing them to new music and bands
  • 82% of MTV viewers agree that they have looked up music tracks they’ve heard in movies and adverts
  • 80% agree that “great music on adverts makes me pay more attention to the ad”
  • 75% agree that they have been introduced to music tracks and bands by movies and TV

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